Test for I-deas

Software for Structural Dynamics

Software for structural dynamics from measurement and analysis to integration with simulation.

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The Test for I-deas (TFI) software platform has for years been a leading solution for high-end structural dynamics in industries such as aerospace and defence, automotive and machine manufactures. Over the years, it has been continuously maintained with new features and the latest version 6.7 was released in October 2019.


The TFI software platform covers a wide range of structural measurement and post-processing applications including a powerful link between test and simulation for test planning and model correlation. TFI uses the LAN-XI hardware platform for measurements. Results calculated in TFI are seamlessly transferred to our new modern sound and vibration platform BK Connect®.


Customers on an active TFI maintenance contract can migrate on a like-for-like basis to the BK Connect software platform when enrolling for at least one year of BK Connect maintenance. For more information, please contact your local sales representative.