DISCOM analysis systems

DISCOM Analysis systems are acoustical quality analysis solutions customized to fit individual production lines. The effectiveness of the system stems from a combination of adaptable hardware and software set up to meet the needs of each production line, based on volume and complexity.

Using DISCOM Analysis Systems for end-of-line testing for component and finished product testing not only ensures the quality of each component and finished system, it provides the data needed to trace problems back to their root causes and eliminate them. The system identify patterns to solve the problem, and refine the prediction of cyclical problems like tool wear.


DISCOM NVH Analysis systems are suitable for all powertrain testing: Gears, transmissions (including manual, automatic and dual clutch transmission designs), axles and transfer cases, combustion engines, electric motors and tape roller bearings. Testing is performed at end-of-line test benches under driving conditions. To correlate test data to the vehicle, in-vehicle testing is conducted in a completed vehicle using DISCOM Mobile, specifically designed for this purpose.