Communication device testing in background noise – VQuest

PULSE software for evaluating the speech performance of phones in noisy environments, by making measurements that meet a range of standards.

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This PULSE software creates a completely controlled background noise scenario for testing the speech and audio performance of phones, working together with an array of speakers. The software can test a phone without any control of the noise suppression algorithm, using precisely quantified amounts of real sounds such as actual speech and environmental noises to establish an artificial noise field.

It usually works together with a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS), which holds the phone and simulates speech and voice reception. The software makes a single measurement that collects signals from the device and from two reference microphones – all at the same time.


  • Quantifying the effectiveness of noise-cancelling technology and speech enhancement technology during R&D of mobile phones, headsets, and hands-free adaptors
  • Measurements of the complete transmission signal path of production VoIP phones (voice over internet protocol) and mobile telephone handsets to standards such as 3GPP, ETSI and ITU-T
  • Objective evaluation of complete phone performance after integration of acoustical components such as receivers and microphones into a tablet or wearable device 
  • Characterizing the performance of noise suppression algorithms and active noise cancellation (ANC) technology during speech processing codec development


Before testing, you can use the automated calibration for equalization of loudspeakers. Pre-programmed test suites for voice call quality evaluation guide you sequentially through the whole process of fulfilling the test procedure. Following testing, you can make a subjective evaluation by listening to recorded signals, before using the automatic report generation feature.


  • Testing devices in normal operating mode, without turning features on or off
  • Automatic equalization and calibration of loudspeakers and HATS mouth
  • Embedded library of real speech and background noise samples


For testing phones in background noise to standards, we offer these additional software modules: 

  • BZ-5830: Software for calculation of PESQ (perceptual evaluation of speech quality) according to ITU-T P.862
  • BZ-5831: Software for calculation of POLQA (perceptual objective listening quality analysis) according to ITU-T P.863
  • BZ-5832: Software for calculation of X-MOS: speech (S-MOS), noise (N-MOS) and overall (G-MOS) according to ETSI EG 202 396-3 (2009-03) and ITU-T Rec. P.835

For more information, see the product data sheet.


  • Calculation of SNRI (signal-to-noise ratio improvement) according to 3GPP TS 26.077
  • Calculation of NPLR (noise power level reduction) according to 3GPP TS 26.077
  • Calculation of convergence time according to 3GPP TS 26.077
  • Measurement of ASL (active speech level) according to ITU-T Rec. P. 56 Method B