Modelo 2735

Amplificador de potencia compacto

Un amplificador de potencia compacto, de alto rendimiento, de 2 × 35 W diseñado para aplicaciones electroacústicas y de uso general.

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Measurement Power Amplifier Type 2735 is a compact, high-performance, two-channel power amplifier designed for electroacoustic and general-purpose applications.


  • Production testing
  • Telecom testing
  • Power amplifier for loudspeakers, artificial mouths, etc.
  • General purpose audio power amplifier

The amplifier has two independent 35 W output channels with high-quality Speakon output terminals. Also, it has two user-selectable gain settings of 0 dB and 20 dB making it ideal for most audio test applications.

The unity gain setting (0 dB) eliminates the need to take an external gain factor into account in the test software, and the integrated load impedance circuitry allows direct measurement of speaker/load impedance via the 1 V/A impedance output terminals (BNC).