Modelo 4185

Simulador de oído para telefonometría (acoplador ITU-T Tipo 1)

Diseñado para realizar medidas en terminales de teléfono en las que se requiere un acoplador IEC 60318-1, incluso en terminales con auricular de alta impedancia que deben probarse en condiciones de estanqueidad.

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Ear Simulator for Telephonometry Type 4185 is designed for measurements on handset telephones, including handsets with high impedance earpiece where sealed conditions are required. Type 4185 fulfils the requirements of the ITU–T P.57 Type 1 recommendation and the IEC 60318 standard.


  • Measurements on telephone handsets
  • Earphone calibration

Type 4185 consists of an acoustic coupler with built-in miniature sound source for seal checking, a microphone and a preamplifier. It fits directly into the Telephone Test Head Type 4602-B and can be used with a wide range of Brüel & Kjær telephone test systems.