XPA-K Verstärkern

XPA-K Remote: LDS Amplifier control

The XPA-K Remote is the new feature for remotely accessing your vibration test system, right at your fingertips.

When we, in Bruel & Kjaer LDS, start to develop a new product, we always keep in mind a few things: product design on one side, and product experience on the other.

This is the reason why we are happy to announce the new XPA-K Remote. An innovative interface that combines user experience together with user safety and work efficiency.

All these elements are part of the new XPA-K Remote, which moves the user away from the shaker through the implementation of a remote interface on the user’s device (Windows OS). This will allow the user to have access to their vibration test system at the click of a button, wherever they are, saving precious time.

In a nutshell, this product is the right choice for you as...

  • It enables access from central control rooms

  • Access wherever you are, whenever it is

  • Reduces downtime/setup time

  • Works with existing and new XPA-K Amplifiers

XPA on laptop  

Have we convinced you?  

To include the XPA-K Remote with your next XPA-K enabled shaker system, or to upgrade your existing XPA-K amplifier, feel free to contact your local representative to receive more information; we will be happy to help.

Compilate il modulo e Vi contatteremo il più presto possibile. Se necessitate di supporto tecnico Vi preghiamo di utilizzare l'apposito modulo richiesta di supporto tecnico.

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