Volume Velocity Source Measurements

Volume Velocity Source Measurement Software is part of BK Connect and is designed for quick and easy measurement of acoustic transfer functions.

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Volume velocity sources (VVS) measure acoustic transfer functions (ATF), typically in connection with noise source contribution analysis. Uniquely, HBK volume velocity sources use a special dual-microphone probe to measure accurate volume velocity directly in real time. 

BK Connect VVS Measurements is designed to work with HBK VVS devices to help you make high-precision ATF measurements quickly and efficiently based on a pre-loaded test plan that guides you through the measurements to ensure the best quality results. 


  • Real-time measurement of acoustic transfer functions (P/Q) and acoustic volume velocity
  • Pass-by source path contribution (SPC) analysis
  • Airborne source path contribution analysis
  • Cabin acoustic sensitivity analysis 


  • Works with HBK-patented dual-microphone volume velocity probes for direct measurement of volume velocity
  • Capable of setup and guided measurements from an indoor pass-by source path SPC model consisting of pass-by array microphones, sources, and indicators
  • Offline setup of SPC DOF model in Microsoft® Excel® with one-step import to BK Connect for quick start-up
  • Volume velocity probe selectable as a transducer in the BK Connect Transducer Manager
  • Hardware channel table updated automatically by dragging and dropping volume velocity transducer onto the desired channel in the hardware matrix
  • Real-time monitor shows calibrated volume velocity
  • Network-based data file sharing in Team Server using a common file repository