FFT Analysis Applet

The FFT Analysis Applet contains all the BK Connect® application functionalities needed to acquire data, perform FFT analysis and create a report

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BK Connect FFT Analysis Applet is a dedicated tool for making standard fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis. Measurement and analysis can be performed using three different predefined set-ups based on standard BK Connect processing tasks for adjusting process properties and executing the predefined process chains. 


  • On-site vibration troubleshooting and fault diagnostics for rotating machinery such as gearboxes and bearings
  • Narrow-band acoustic signal analysis, such as at the operator’s ear in a vehicle


The BK Connect interface and product structure was designed throughout the development process with the users’ roles as a central theme. BK Connect applets focus on the operator role, providing easy-to-use, often one-click, interfaces to perform specific, and often repetitive, tasks.


  • Standard FFT analysis
  • Real-time FFT analysis
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® reporting and export to Microsoft® Excel®
  • Stationary and non-stationary set-ups 
  • Frequency response function (FRF) set-up
  • Generator output for excitation

A complete set of real-time monitors are available along with a simple recorder. Because this is a BK Connect product and the resulting data can be shared with and utilized by full BK Connect systems, you have access to all the standard BK Connect metadata attributes. The Result Matrix tool is available for reviewing all the data from the current project or stored in the database. The Generator Setup can be used to define waveform output as sine or random signal, for example.

This applet can be paired with any single LAN-XI module from the single-channel Type 3161 to the 12-channel Type 3053, LAN-XI Light Type 3676 or LAN-XI Light Type 3677, which includes generator output. Adding additional modules requires upgrading to a full BK Connect licence.  

This applet allows for post-processing of data recorded on the Sound Level Meter Type 2250 and Sound Level Meter Type 2270.