LDS V964

High-Frequency LDS shaker (IMPERIAL)

A water-cooled electrodynamic shaker for shock and high-performance vibration testing of large devices, such as aircraft components up to 907 kg (2000 lb). It can deliver sine and random forces up to 89 kN (20,000 lbf) and has a maximum overturning moment of 3.13 kN·m (2308 lb·ft).

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 LDS® V964 Shaker is used to test reliability and durability of some of the world’s most complex products and applications, including avionics instrumentation, defence electronics and telecommunications assemblies.

The shaker is designed to accommodate outsize articles for high-frequency vibration and high-shock force testing in single- or multi-shaker configurations.


  • Three-axis testing of complete satellite systems
  • Durability testing of avionics and military hardware
  • Structural dynamics testing, including classical and operational modal analyses, Test-FEA integration and SRS analysis
  • Tests in cleanrooms and controlled environments, such as aerospace testing facilities
  • Testing involving hazardous materials, including transport simulation tests
  • Multi-shaker, multi-axis applications, such as satellite and missile testing


The smallest of our high-force shakers, V964 offers a high overturning moment coupled with top force ratings, which is why it is ideal for testing satellite systems. Combining an advanced armature fabrication and water-based cooling, it is capable of efficiently delivering optimal acceleration and velocity.

The armature suspension incorporates a unique design to provide cross-axial support and precise control of rotational movements, while a water-cooled wound coil system yields exceptional low-frequency performance with relatively modest amplifier output.

V964 can be operated in a wide range of humidity and temperature conditions and, because it is water-cooled, it is also suitable for cleanrooms (certifiable to Federal Standard 209 Class 100000) and other controlled settings. Moreover, operational costs are generally low, as the closed-loop cooling mechanism minimizes water losses and eliminates the need for expensive air conditioning.

Additionally, the body of the shaker is hermetically sealed and pressurized, which increases efficiency and dependability as this prevents moisture, foreign particles, and other contaminants from getting inside and causing malfunctions and delays. This feature also protects the load support system and ensures that the shaker can safely hold large payloads.

Standard mounting for V964 consists of a trunnion fitted with LDS® Lin-E-Air suspension that isolates the shaker from the ground, thus reducing vibration on the surrounding environment and permitting operation at low frequencies with minimal seismic interference on test results.


Optional guided head expanders increase the mounting surface and allow you to safely and efficiently test loads with offset centres of gravity.

Pairing the shaker with one of our slip tables further extends the system’s testing profile, as it enables vibration in both the vertical and horizontal axes.

Thermal barriers are also available as an option to protect the shaker from high temperatures when used in environmental tests