High-force LDS shakers

Our comprehensive range of high-force electrodynamic shakers is built for robust performance in the face of challenging vibration simulation and test scenarios, and supports a wide range of payload sizes.

Designed around cutting-edge hydrostatic bearing technology with inductive or optical armature centring systems, Brüel & Kjær’s high-force LDS shakers are built to last in tough working environments. This is critical, as they cover unprecedented force rating capabilities (80 – 289.1 kN), spanning both water and air-cooled technology, for extended vibration testing of complex parts and large assemblies. These shakers handle a large frequency range, preserving the quality of results and enabling long-duration or high shock testing without significant wear-and-tear.

High-force LDS Shaker Range

Our range of high-force LDS shakers are optimized for specific end-use scenarios. For example you can conduct shock and vibration tests of extra-large payloads using the LDS V994 or carry out extended vibration testing of various-sized and unbalanced payloads with the LDS V8900.

We cover a full spectrum of industrial test and measurement requirements, with consideration for the most stringent international compliance requirements. Browse our entire range of high-force LDS shakers below:

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