BK connect applets

New bk connect applets available

The applets concept is taking off. Point solutions for impact hammer testing and loudness and overall analysis are now available as BK Connect applets to help get that job done.

BK Connect Applets

You have a job to do and that’s it. Because they are self-contained solutions created to perform a specific task, BK Connect applets are exactly what you need.

And we have added two new applets to the roster:

  • BK Connect Loudness and Overall Analysis Applet

    This applet contains all the BK Connect application functionalities needed calculate loudness and perform overall analysis for stationary and non-stationary signals according to ISO 532-1:2017 and create a report
  • BK Connect Hammer Impact Applet

    This applet provides all the BK Connect functionality required to calculate accelerance, mobility and compliance FRFs using impact hammer measurements

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