6 Channel Differential Charge Input Front Panel

Designed to allow up to six differential charge accelerometers to be connected directly to a LAN-XI frontend.

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The UA-2119-060 allows up to six differential charge accelerometers, such as Type 8347-C, to be connected directly to the LAN-XI frontend, simplifying set-up and optimising performance.


  • Differential charge accelerometers
  • Environments with high levels of electromagnetic noise
  • Applications where good ground connections is difficult to achieve
  • High immunity for electromagnetic interference (EMI)

The balanced design gives good immunity against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and is suited for applications where good ground connection is difficult to achieve.

The front panel has six integrated differential charge amplifiers, each with a fixed gain of 0dB (-1mV/pC) and a fixed High-Pass Filter of 0.1Hz. Setting up the frontpanels in PULSE works in the same way as using an external Type 2647.

Built in LEDs shows input status such as overload, cable break etc. UA-2119-060 has 6 x 2-pole TNC(M) connectors.

Front panel    Compatible LAN-XI modules
UA-2119-060 Type 3050-A-060 (fully compatible)
Type 3050-A-040 (partly compatible)
Type 3052-A-030 (partly compatible)