BK Connect Sound and vibration SW platform

BK Connect 2021 and PULSE 25 Released

Our sound and vibration platforms have been enhanced based on your feedback to strengthen your measurement processes and to support your preferred way of working.

Analysis Software

We are happy to announce the 2021 release of the BK Connect® and PULSE™ software platforms. The new release strengthens your measurement process and user-experience with highlights including: 

BK Connect:

  • New BK Connect applications for indoor pass-by testing, volume velocity measurements and source path contribution analysis
  • Support of REq-X curve selection for microphones via the hardware table
  • Drag and drop of data into Standard Processing to allow more flexible post-processing   
  • Improvements in the Structural Dynamics Suite: Enabled model correlation of test and FEA results for tests performed with non-Cartesian coordination systems, updated FE interfaces to support latest versions, and support of multibyte character sets in the FE files name


  • Field Pass-by: Optimized R51, ASEP, R138 and US141 tests, improved driver assistance and multi-vehicle scenario, and support for easy integration of the additionally calculated and exported ISO 362-3 tyre noise correction coefficients (TNC) into BK Connect Indoor Pass-by
  • Operational Modal Analysis (OMA): A magnifying glass functionality working across the OMA and SHM platform, new save options in Signal Processing and general memory usage and calculation speed optimizations 
  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM): Updates to the automation services, the Modal Parameter History view, the Damage Detection tables and the Drift Analysis task
  • Array Acoustics Suite: Spectrum adaption terms for sound insulation measurements are now supported in Windows® 10

You will experience general enhancements throughout the PULSE and BK Connect platform including a new start experience in BK Connect as well as several critical bug fixes. 

For a complete overview on what’s new in the release, download the Highlight document: Highlights BK Connect 2021/PULSE 25.

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