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A real time-saving test solution

Increase real-time capability, save time, and speed up engineering decisions with our latest Tescia software

Hottinger Brüel & Kjær has launched the latest version of its Tescia software, with enhanced features to help users achieve greater efficiency through time-saving functionality.

The Tescia system provides a safe way of capturing critical data, targets vibration, acoustics, and monitoring applications. Its unique capabilities and a user-centric workflow help to reduce setup time, safeguard test items – and improves data quality and test-result validation. 

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To enable automated conditioning monitoring tasks on floors, rotating machinery and sensitive machinery, Tescia now supports Reference Profiles, so the user can define – from simple to very complex – levels at every frequency, allowing the system to detect and trigger on profile exceedances. 
For long test runs or condition monitoring of – for example – propulsion systems, a metric recorder has been introduced, allowing users to record key metrics such as overall, band-pass, spectral lines and order values. This reduces the need for time consuming post analysis tasks, saving valuable time. Metric data can be directly imported into HBK’s BK Connect® software.

For larger multichannel test campaigns, the amount of recorded data can be overwhelming. The new real-time data conversion and archiving functionality provides the ability to convert and archive data in the right place during the test campaign, thereby avoiding time-consuming business of copying or archiving tasks after the test activity.

Adding data processor licenses provides extra real-time analysis capability and monitoring, making it possible to increase the number of test participants. This enables multiple engineering specialists to engage in test sessions, on multiple independent analysis seats without interfering with the recording. These seats can operate in real-time, completely autonomously, either locally, connected to the same network as the acquisition system or remotely. Each Data Processor has the same analysis possibilities as the main data acquisition system and local configurations can be saved, then reused later. 

Tescia Product Manager Flemming Schultz Larsen said: “I am very proud of this current Tescia release. Tescia is better than ever. It provides the level of features and performance needed by our customers, saves them valuable time and allows them to make decisions faster.”

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