TYPE 2691-A-0S2 | NEXUS

Single Probe Intensity Conditioner

Type 2691-a is a single probe intensity conditioner, designed for high-quality field and laboratory measurement systems within automotive measurement applications.

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The NEXUS™ concept is based on a single mainframe, a number of input/output channels, and different filter options. This makes it highly flexible, as you can configure your conditioning amplifier to your needs. You can have acoustic and vibration inputs in the same mainframe with one, two, three, or four independent input channels.


  • Specifically suited for automotive use. Developed in association with major car manufacturers, for high-quality field and laboratory measurement systems
  • Used with charge accelerometers, hydrophones, force transducers, condenser microphones, CCLD accelerometers, CCLD preamplifiers, voltage input, and sound intensity probes
  • Field recording of vibration and acoustic signals
  • Ideally suitable for applications where shocks and impulses occur such as gas turbine testing and munitions testing (Types 2692-C and -D only)

NEXUS can be reconfigured if your requirements change. If, for example, you have a 1-ch. Charge Conditioning Amplifier, it can be updated to a 2-ch. Charge/2-ch. Microphone Conditioning Amplifier. Hardware/software updates, for example, auxiliary modules with A-, B-, C- and D-weighting filters or integration, make the concept even more flexible.

Microprocessors are used for control, display, and interfacing purposes, but the signal is maintained analog to obtain optimum signal/noise ratio and the lowest possible distortion.

NEXUS supports transducers with TEDS according to IEEE 1451.4.