Modelo 4153

Oído artificial con acoplador IEC

El oído artificial con acoplador IEC está diseñado para realizar medidas electroacústicas en auriculares de botón y de diadema en condiciones acústicas bien definidas. Cumple los requisitos de la norma IEC 60318-1 y tiene una impedancia acústica similar a la del oído humano.

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Artificial Ear Type 4153 is designed to enable electroacoustical measurements on insert earphones and headphones to be carried out under well defined acoustical conditions. It fulfils the requirements of IEC 60318-1 and has an acoustical impedance basically similar to that of the human ear.

Type 4153 consists of an acoustic coupler, a main housing containing the sockets for the connection of a Brüel & Kjær condenser microphone and a base plate with a mechanism for clamping the object being tested.


  • Frequency response and sensitivity measurements on insert earphones and headphones
  • Calibration of audiometers


  • Conform to IEC and ANSI standards
  • Complete reproducibility of results
  • Well-defined measuring conditions
  • 2 cm3 and 6 cm3 couplers
  • Adjustable clamping force

Artificial Ear Type 4153 fulfils the requirements of IEC 60318–1 (formerly IEC 318 and IEC 60318) and has an acoustical impedance basically similar to that of the human ear.

The acoustic coupler contains three volumes acoustically connected in parallel by means of a narrow annular slit and four parallel holes: V1 = 2.5 cm3, V2 = 1.8 cm3, and V3 = 7.5 cm3. Type 4153’s coupler fits ½” Pressure-field Microphone Type 4192, and may also be used with 1/2" Microphone Preamplifier Type 2669-L mounted in the housing or by means of the supplied Adapter Ring DB-0742.

The coupler is shaped to fit the headphone under test. Adapter DB-0843 is supplied for testing circum-aural headphones, and for calibration purposes, a well-defined high-acoustic impedance sound source is supplied with the artificial ear.