Modelo 4195

Simulador de oído para telefonometría (acoplador ITU-T Tipo 3.2)

Simulador de oído de banda ancha diseñado para realizar medidas en auriculares de teléfono, utilizando cargas acústicas realistas.

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Wideband Ear Simulator for Telephonometry Type 4195 is designed for wideband measurements on handset telephones where realistic acoustical loads are needed. Fulfils the standard ITU – T Recommendation P.57, Artificial Ear Type 3.2 low- and high-leak.

Type 4195 has been developed for use in combination with Telephone Test Head Type 4602-B and Mouth Simulator Type 4227.


  • Development and conformance testing of all types of telephone handsets using Telephone Test Head Type 4602B
  • Realistic measurement of telephone receive response
The two grades of well-defined leakage make it possible to simulate the average real ear loss for telephone handsets which are held either comfortably tight (low-leak pinna) or loosely (high-leak pinna) against the human ear.

The ear simulator is recommended for measurements on supra-aural and supra-concha earphones, both sealed and unsealed, practically covering all kinds of earphone design. The ear simulator can be used for wideband telephonometry in the frequency range 100 Hz to 8 kHz.