TYPE 8230-002

DeltaTron Force Transducer, 2.2 mV/N

DeltaTron Force Transducer designed for measuring 2.2 mV/N in dynamic, short-duration static and impact force measurements

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Type 8230-002 is a force transducer with integral electronics designed for dynamic, short-duration static and impact force measurements. It is typically used for measuring applied forces in modal applications, for example, inserted directly between an exciter and the test structure or for general-purpose force measurements within process applications.


  • Measurements of tensile and compressive forces
  • For modal or process applications
2.2 (10) mV/N (mV/lbf)
Range full scale
+2000 / -2000 (+500 / 500) N (lbf) N (lbf)
Maximum compression
+4400 (+10,000) N (lbf) N (lbf)
Maximum tension
-2200 (-500) N (lbf) N (lbf)
30.2 (1.1 oz) grams
Operating temperature range
-55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F) C
Overall length
15.93 (0.625 inches) mm
19.05 (0.75 inches) mm (inch)
Case material
17-4 PH stainless steel
Connector electrical
10-32 UNF
Mounting provision
¼″ -28 UNF thread on top and bottom
Accessories included
Mounting studs, impact cap, carrying box, sensitivity calibration, 1/4"-28 UNF (external) to 10-32 UNF (internal) threaded insert