Calibration of sound level meters (Austria)

Brüel und Kjær is the only manufacturer of sound level meters with a calibration center in Austria.

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The authorization for the verification body, with the testing laboratories in Vienna and Denmark, took place in October 2007 and is subject to monitoring by the BEV - Federal Office for Verification and Measurement. Brüel und Kjær was the first calibration center for sound level meters and test sound sources in Austria.

The calibration is the legally prescribed test of a measuring device for compliance with the underlying calibration regulations, in particular the calibration error limits. Verification is a legally prescribed calibration that can be traced back to national standards.

Calibration and verification

During calibration, the device is marked as calibrated by seals and secured against unauthorized tampering. It may not be opened or otherwise changed during the two-year period of validity. In addition, a calibration label with the data of the device (including the software version and accessories used) is attached.

The calibration becomes invalid if the statutory re-calibration period has expired, one of the security or calibration stamps is damaged or removed, the measuring device does not correspond to the information on the nameplate or the measuring device does not correspond to the type approval.

It is advisable to have older devices checked by the supplier before each calibration and, if necessary, adjusted in order to save time and costs for unsuccessful calibration attempts.

Legal Requirements for Sound Level Meters

Calibration is mandatory if the measuring devices are used or kept ready for official or legal purposes, in the health sector, in environmental protection, in the security sector or in the transport sector.

Valid type approval

The BEV carries out the type approval. Every calibratable measuring device must have a valid approval. During approval, the specifications of the measuring device are checked and the limits are set.

Furthermore, the approval stipulates what has to be checked during the calibration.


The recalibration periods are 2 years for sound level meters, microphones and test sound sources. Test sound sources that are used according to ÖNORM S5004 must be calibrated annually.

How does the calibration process work?
Brüel & Kjær ensures quick and easy calibration of your measuring devices. The devices are first checked and prepared for calibration. As part of the calibration, the sound level meters are first checked electrically and then acoustically. Test sound sources are measured using a comparison method and microphones are checked acoustically.

A certificate is issued after calibration. The issuing of the calibration certificate is the confirmation that the device complies with the error limits and thus functions properly. In contrast to the calibration certificate, no measured values are given on the calibration certificate.

After the service, the devices are sent to the customer together with the calibration certificate or are kept ready for collection.

Which measuring devices are calibrated?

Brüel & Kjær, Norsonic, Larson Davis, Rion, all calibratable sound level meters and test sound sources.

What should I do?

Send or bring your devices directly to the Austrian Brüel & Kjær calibration center. The following are to be sent or brought along: The necessary or possibly permitted accessories, an informal test order including a list of accessories, as well as fresh batteries in the device.


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