Sound Level Meter Calibration Systems

Automated calibration systems for periodic tests of sound level meters, calibrators and other measuring instruments. These systems ensure calibration accuracy in your instrument and equipment in compliance with all relevant national and international calibration standards.

  • TYPE 3630-A

    Sound Level Meter Calibration System

    Designed to comply with all relevant international standards and recommendations and is equally well suited for use in national calibration laboratories and commercial calibration centres.

  • TYPE 3630-A WITH TYPE 7913

    Filter Calibration Setup

    Designed to perform automated periodic tests of octave filters, whether as dedicated instruments, built in sound level meters or other instruments, in conformance with IEC 61260 and IEC 225.

  • TYPE 3630-A + TYPE 7792

    Noise DOSIMETER Calibration System

    Noise Dose Meter Calibration Software Type 7792 for Calibration Platform Type 3630 is an automated tool designed to perform periodical tests of dose meters in conformance with IEC 61252 and ANSI S1.25. 

  • TYPE 3630-A + TYPE 7794

    Calibrator Calibration System

    An automated calibration system consisting of Platform Type 3630-A and Calibrator Software Type 7794, providing an ideal system for periodic tests of calibrators in accordance with IEC 60942.

  • TYPE 9738

    Artificial Mastoid Calibration Setup

    Designed to provide traceable calibration of mechanical couplers of artificial mastoids according to IEC 60318-6:2007.