NVH Simulation Software

Brüel & Kjær partner with VI-grade to provide a complete range of NVH software and simulation for vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), that covers the entire process from investigation, analysis and troubleshooting. From source-receiver path analysis to NVH sound simulation and design, we deliver world-leading NVH test solutions giving you the ability to test and optimize your vehicle performance effectively.

  • Type 8601

    Simulateur NVH

    Simulation de conduite NVH interactive, depuis les logiciels PC jusqu’à la configuration complète de véhicules existants.

  • TYPE 7798

    Logiciel d’analyse des voies de transfert

    Logiciel PULSE permettant de comprendre l'impact acoustique et vibratoire sur les passagers, par l'analyse des voies de transfert des sources indépendantes.

  • TYPE 3115

    VSound - Vehicle Sound Evaluation System

    VSound is a vehicle sound‐generating system for experiencing new  sounds from both a vehicle interior and exterior perspective. Its designed for the purpose of in-vehicle virtual NVH prototype evaluation.

  • Exterior Sound Simulator

    TYPE 8601-T

    Simulation acoustique à l'extérieur

    Logiciel pour simulation acoustique à le bruit émis à l’extérieur d’un véhicule en condition de conduite, tel qu'il est perçu par un piéton.

  • TYPE 8601-U

    SimSound: Sound Simulation

    Sound simulation software, SimSound, connects with diverse driving simulators, and generates highly authentic and dynamic vehicle sound simulation.

  • TYPE 8601-S


    For replay and interaction with noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) source path analysis data, and data from CAE analyses.

  • Insight+


    Insight+ enables the total experience of NVH data ‐ creating sounds directly from CAE models that NVH engineers can listen to and experience. The CAE model data can be combined with test data to create an immersive, realistic environment.

  • TYPE 8601-X

    CAE Auditioner

    The CAE Auditioner software converts data and files from common CAE design programs for use in the VI-grade vehicle NVH simulators and Insight simulation products. Once the CAE design data is incorporated into these simulation products, engineers, CAE analysts and non-experts can listen to and feel the NVH consequences of CAE design decisions in the full context of the vehicle.