On-site Calibration (Germany)

Our global team of project engineers or application specialists performs on-site installation. They ensure that the product or system is up and running optimally.

It is possible to combine the installation with product training to ensure you continue to get the best possible value from your equipment.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Ensure system is working as projected
  • Full benefits of the system
  • Quickly up and running – especially relevant for advanced systems
  • Larger systems: Site acceptance test and training
  • Global network of specialists – short reaction time
  • Performed by specialists that speak your language (major languages)

Whether you have a comprehensive system or simply a software program, Brüel & Kjær can carry out the installation and site-acceptance testing.

Commissioning a LDS Shaker System 

Commissioning, integration with third-party products, and site acceptance test and handover is required for most of our LDS systems. Systems based on low-force shakers are exempt from this requirement (V101, V201, V406/8, V450 and V455).

Brüel & Kjær can move your LDS vibration test system to a new location, conduct a site survey, oversee transportation, and then re-commission the system to its original specification.

To discuss commissioning, please contact your local sales representative.