Type 9740

Absorption Measurement System for Road Surfaces

A lightweight, compact, and robust absorption measurement system, intended for research and quality control of road surface through absorption, reflection, and impedance measurements.

Demande de devis

Type 9740 is a state-of-the-art normal incidence absorption measurement system for non-destructive, in situ quality assurance measurements of the acoustic properties of ISO 10844 regulated test track asphalt according to the ISO 13472-2 test procedure.

Affixed directly to the surface of an ISO 10844 regulated test track, Type 9740 is used to measure the absorption coefficient of the asphalt without drilling a core sample according to ISO 13472-2. The system is based on a two-microphone, transfer-function test method, where the test system makes simultaneous measurements at all frequencies of interest while taking only a fraction of the time required by traditional, standing-wave ratio systems.


  • Research and quality control absorption measurements
  • Measurement of the acoustic properties of test tracks based on ISO 10844 according to ISO 13472-2
  • Measurement of:
    • Acoustic absorption coefficient
    • Acoustic reflection coefficient
    • Normalized impedance
  • Measurements on complex or composite materials
  • Measurements on orientation-sensitive materials 


This system comprises:

  • PULSE Acoustic Material Testing Type 7758-A
  • Road Surface Absorption Measurement Tube WA-1599
  • LAN-XI data acquisition unit including a LAN-XI Type 3160-A-042

The system has all the benefits of the PULSE platform, including advanced features for calibration, measurement, display and reporting, and a task-oriented user-interface. It also contains all the functionality of the standard material testing software, which is a complete and fully integrated system for making acoustic measurements in the frequency range 220 Hz to 1.8 kHz with narrow-band analysis, and 250 Hz to 1.6 kHz with 1/3-octave band analysis.


  • The LAN-XI data acquisition hardware and PULSE analysis system provides high speed and accuracy
  • Enables measurements to be viewed in real-time for ease of monitoring 
  • It supportsd wider tubes for measurements down to 50 Hz: Impedance Tube Kit Type 4206 (50 Hz– 6.4 kHz) or Type 4206-A (100 Hz–3.2 kHz)
  • Results exportable to Microsoft Excel for ease of data sharing and reporting