TYPE 4946

2 cc click-on coupler

2 cc Click-on Coupler is designed for measurements in accordance with  ANSI S3.7 (2008) and IEC 60318-5 (2006) standards, and is optimized for repetitive testing hearing-aids in the laboratory and on the production line.

Demande de devis

Type 4946 is intended for measurements on all types of hearing aids and is optimized for repetitive use in the laboratory and on the production line.

The coupler fulfils the requirements of the ANSI S3.7 (2008) and IEC 60318-5 (2006) standards.


  • Frequency response, sensitivity and distortion measurements
  • On-line/off-line (QC/QA) production test and verification
  • Research and development of hearing aids
  • Hearing aid servicing

A wide range of ear-mould simulators click into place on to the coupler body, making changing to different hearing-aid designs easy. The calibration procedure is also simple. The microphone can be accessed without dismounting the coupler body and the protective grid stays on the microphone while swapping hearing aids, both features that reduce the risk of damaging the microphone.