FFT, CPB and Overall Analysis

The FFT, CPB and Overall Analysis Applet by BK Connect® is designed for conducting standard sound and vibration measurements using FFT, 1/3rd-octave (CPB) and overall analysis

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BK Connect FFT, CPB, and Overall Applet are designed for stationary and non-stationary testing that requires standard sound and vibration measurements using FFT, CPB, and overall analysis.

Like all BK Connect applets, it is a stand-alone tool that contains all the functionality needed to acquire data, perform analysis, and create a report. The set-up properties can be adjusted to accommodate task-specific analysis. 


  • Acoustic measurements for calculating equivalent sound level (Leq) spectra on household consumer items such as washing machines
  • Total surface velocity for a pump housing
  • Narrow-band and 1/3-octave acoustic signal analysis, such as at the operator’s ear in a vehicle

BK Connect interface andproduct structure are designed throughout the development process with the users’ roles as a central theme. BK Connect applets focus on the operator role, providing easy-to-use, often one-click, interfaces can perform specific, and often repetitive, tasks.


  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® reporting and export to Microsoft® Excel®
  • Stationary and non-stationary set-ups 
  • Spectrum and spectrum vs time calculations
  • True CPB digital filter  
  • Level vs time via frequency band extraction
  • Overall weighted or unweighted level (A, B, C, D or G) weighting

This software has an overall level analyzer that performs a broadband analysis equivalent to a sound level meter, fulfilling relevant requirements of IEC 651, IEC 61672, and IEC 60804 for a class 1 instrument. This software fulfills the requirements of the standards DIN 45651 and ANSI S1.11–2004.

A complete set of real-time monitors are available along with a simple recorder. Because this is a BK Connect product and the resulting data can be shared with and utilized by full BK Connect systems, you have access to all the standard BK Connect metadata attributes. The Result Matrix is also available for reviewing all the data from the current project or stored in the database.  

This applet can be paired with any single LAN-XI module (4 to 12 channels), LAN-XI Light Type 3676, or LAN-XI Light Type 3677, which includes generator output. Adding additional modules requires upgrading to a full BK Connect license.  

This applet allows for post-processing of data recorded on the Sound Level Meter Type 2250 and Sound Level Meter Type 2270.