Acoustic holography

For measurements close to a source, acoustic holography provides fast and accurate acoustic maps of sound pressure, sound intensity and other sound field parameters at low to medium frequencies (100 Hz to 2 kHz).

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Our patented algorithms ‘SONAH’ and ‘ESM’ allow accurate measurement with relatively small arrays without encountering edge effects. Acoustic holography also allows results to be calculated closer to and further away from the source, and the capability of the system can be augmented with an automatic positioning system, transient and quasi-stationary calculations and sound quality metrics. Wideband holography extends the use of holography far beyond the usual frequency range limit.

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Acoustic holography system overview 

A basic PULSE acoustic holography system comprises measurement and post-processing software, a planar sliced wheel array of 18 microphones and LAN-XI data acquisition hardware including the frame, modules and front panels. The system is ideal for mapping noise from engines, vehicle components, appliances, power tools, etc., and for sub-source sound power contribution analysis.