TYPE 1704-A-002

2-Channel CCLD Signal Conditioner

Type 1704-A-002 CCLD Signal Conditioner designed with built-in battery recharger, enabling in-situ conditioning for your measurements in the field and the lab.

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The Type 1704-A range of conditioners provides CCLD (Constant Current Line Drive) power for CCLD transducers such as microphones, accelerometers, and tachometer probes.

The 2-Channel Signal Conditioner includes features like a built-in, rechargeable battery optimised for in situ measurements. 

  • Provides power for microphones, accelerometers and other CCLD-compatible transducers
  • Industry standard CCLD power is compatible with wide range of DeltaTron® and ICP® sensors
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery and charger – ready to measure when you are
  • Powered and charged from PC's USB connector (with optional cable): no need for an extra mains adaptor
  • Wide range of gains (×1, ×10 and ×100) amplify signal before A/D to improve noise floor
  • Selectable acoustic bandpass and A-weighting (type 0) filters remove unwanted frequencies
  • Switches to quickly change settings and LEDs for fast verification of configuration
  • Both 2 × BNC and 3.5 mm stereo output connectors provide options to connect to A/D converters or sound cards

CCLD conditioning has advantages because it allows the transducer power to be delivered using the same coaxial cable that the transducer uses to return the measurement signal. This reduces cabling costs and improves noise immunity compared to multi-conductor cables.

Type 1704-A-002 signal conditioner has it's connectors, switches and status LEDs located on the front of the unit. A quick glance at the front of Type 1704-A confirms status and settings when making measurements in the field.


The conditioner uses a Micro-B USB connector for power and charging the built-in rechargeable battery. Power comes from either the provided mains adaptor or from a powered USB port of a computer using the optional USB cable.

The built-in rechargeable battery is not only more convenient than replacing non-rechargeable batteries but also makes for a lower cost of ownership.

The rechargeable battery has at least 500 cycles, each lasting for 15 hours (Type 1704-A-001) or 13 hours (Type 1704-A-002)


The CCLD Signal Conditioner includes analogue gain and filtering.

Available gains settings include ×1 (0 dB), ×10 (+20 dB) and ×100 (+40 dB). Adding gain before the analogue to digital conversion can improve the system’s noise floor.

Likewise, the selectable acoustic band-pass filter can remove unwanted frequencies before the analogue to digital conversion. An A-weighting type 0 filter is also selectable.