LAN-XI Notar

A rugged and robust hardware system for recording raw time data to an SDHC memory card independently of a PC or tablet.

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LAN-XI Notar is a tough recorder that captures time data from up to 12 channels of sound and vibration data. This system uses firmware installed on one module of our LAN-XI front-end hardware, which gives a choice of input channels, dynamic ranges, and connector types. The acquisition module is usually locked together with a battery module to create a portable, remote recorder, and can also be powered by mains, external DC, and PoE (power over Ethernet).You can use the simple controls on the module to start and stop recordings.


  • Confident recording in shock-inducing environments such as during transportation of objects –  from consumer goods to satellites
  • Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) recording under demanding conditions such as on a motorcycle on a vehicle test track
  • Stand-alone, battery-operated recording in the field, such as traffic noise


With Dyn-X technology there is no need to change channel input ranges, and control is simple. The LAN‐XI module's buttons and LCD screen can be used for control and feedback. LED rings around each channel indicate its status by colour, and available memory and overload displays are shown on the LCD screen.

You set up the recorder’s bandwidth, channels, signal conditioning, etc. through the module's home page. This means that any PC, or smartphone can be used, which can also control recording and display feedback.


  • 7-hour battery can be swapped in the field
  • Records to a solid-state SDHC memory card or removable microSD Flash Card
  • No input ranging necessary with each channel’s Dyn-X input range covering 160 dB
  • Interchangeable front panels (BNC, LEMO or Charge) to adapt to preferred transducer cabling
  • Transducer conditioning is automatically configured when using transducers with TEDS
  • Built-in home page allows remote use with any PC, tablet or Smartphone
  • Remote access to the recorder is possible over LAN
  • Data transfer over LAN connection or memory card
  • Data stored in WAV format for easy use in many applications like PULSE Reflex Core and third-party software including MATLAB®


LAN-XI front-end hardware is the universal backbone of our data analysis systems. If you already own LAN-XI hardware, you can install LAN-XI Notar firmware on a LAN-XI module. You will still be able to use your new Notar module exactly as you did before.

You can seamlessly analyze and report recordings in our PULSE Reflex.


Our Sonoscout recorder includes Notar functionality, with the choice of either iPad or an SD card recording in the battery powered front-end unit. The tablet communicates with the front-end via Wi-Fi and is used to control the recordings.