Binaural AUdio Headset and Microphone

The great thing about binaural audio recording is the ability to capture sound exactly as it is heard by the human test subject. Our technoliogy allows you to recreate a 3D stereo sensation, which is perfectly translated for the listener, hearing the recording in very realistic manner. Binaural Microphone Type 4101-B and Type 4965-B are designed specifically for conducting binaural audio testing. Together, they provide a complete listening and playback solution for use Sonoscout™ NVH Recorder - while CCLD conditioning opens for a wide range of sound recording applications.

  • Type 4965-B Binaural microphone with bone-conducting headphones

    바이노럴 레코딩 헤드폰

    자동차 및 지상 차량 애플리케이션을 위해 설계된 바이노럴 헤드폰. in-ear 헤드폰은 골전도 기능이 있으며 블루투스와 연결됩니다.

  • Type 4101-B in-ear microphone set

    TYPE 4101-B

    Binaural Microphone

    Binaural Microphone Type 4101-B is designed for binaural in-ear sound recording, when testing on a human subject is preferred. The binaural microphones are lightweight and do not affect normal hearing capabilities or influence test results.