Acoustic Material Testing KITS

Acoustic material testing designed for measuring the acoustical properties of sound and noise control materials. The material testing kits are supplied with testing tubes, microphones, and sound sources, providing you with a complete system, to test the acoustic performance of road surface absorption, insulation, and general noise control materials.

  • TYPE 4206 Transmission loss and impedance tube kits

    Type 4206

    Transmission Loss Tube / Impedance Tube Kits

    Transmission loss tube kit and two impedance tube kits solution for measuring the acoustical properties of noise control materials in accordance with ISO 10534-2, ASTM E1050 - 12 and ASTM E2611-17.

  • Type 9737

    Portable Impedance Meter System

    Portable Impedance Meter System Type 9737 delivers state‐of‐the‐art normal incidence impedance measurements for the aerospace industry.

  • Road Surface Absorption Measurement System Type 9740

    Type 9740

    Absorption Measurement System for Road Surfaces

    A lightweight, compact, and robust absorption measurement system, intended for research and quality control of road surface through absorption, reflection, and impedance measurements.