Tachometer Probe / Non‐contact Transducers

Non-contact transducers for measuring speed, velocity and displacement by Brüel & Kjær, such as our tachometer probe, designed to indicate the angular (rotary) speed - measured as revolutions per minute (RPM) - of a rotating shaft, like a vehicle engine shaft. In addition, with our Magnetic Transducer, you can excite a test structure using the transducer as a miniature contact‐free electromagnetic vibration exciter to determine the elastic properties of materials.

  • Laser Tacho Probe Type 2981-A

    TYPE 2981-A

    CCLD Laser Tacho Probe (high temperature fiber + adapator)

    CCLD Laser Tachoprobe for contact-free, low- and high-speed measurements in hot engine compartments, up to 130 °C (266 °F). 

  • Tacho probe MM-0012


    Photoelectric probe

    The Photoelectric Tachometer Probe provides a very convenient transducer for triggering a portable stroboscope, such as Type 4912 where the range of motion is great enough,i.e., more than a few millimetres. 

  • MM-0024 Photoelectric probe


    Photoelectric probe

    Designed for remote tuning and triggering of vibration measurement and balancing instrumentation in synchronism with rotating or reciprocating machine parts

  • MM-0004 out of box


    Capacitive Transducer

    Designed to be used in applications where mechanical motion must be detected without loading the test specimen

  • MM-0360

    TYPE 2981

    CCLD laser tacho probe

    CCLD Laser Tacho Probe designed for contact-free speed measurements on rotating or reciprocating machine parts.

  • MM-0002


    Discontinued: Magnetic Transducer

    Designed to be used as a velocity sensitive vibration pickup or as an electromagnetic vibration exciter