Charge Amplifiers and signal conditioners

Charge Amplifiers and Signal conditioning offer the greatest flexibility in regards to temperature and dynamic range for your accelerometers, provided as either single‐ended or differential charge accelerometers. Single‐ended accelerometers are used in many applications, while differential accelerometers offer improved immunity to noise and ground loops. The charge amplifiers and signal conditioners are usually compatible with one or the other, in rare cases, the conditioner can be used with both types of accelerometers.

  • Nexus

    TYPE 2692-C | NEXUS

    Charge Amplifier For VERY HIGH INPUT

    Charge Amplifier Type 2692-C is specifically suitable for applications where shocks and impulses occur such as gas turbine testing and munitions testing requiring a very high charge input.

  • Nexus

    TYPE 2692-A-0I1 | NEXUS

    Charge Amplifier

    Type 2692-A-0I1 is a NEXUS Charge Amplifier designed for high-quality field and laboratory measurement systems within automotive

  • 2635

    TYPE 2635

    Charge Conditioning Amplifier

    Charge Conditioning Amplifier Type 2635 is designed for conducting vibration measurements in the laboratory or in the field.

  • Type-2634_600x600

    TYPE 2634

    Charge Amplifier For Piezoelectric Sensors

    Designed for vibration measurements in industrial environments

  • 2663

    TYPE 2663


    Preamplifier for use with piezoelectric transducers in airborne applications

  • TYPE-2647-A

    TYPE 2647

    Charge to CCLD Converter

    Charge to CCLD converters designed to connect charge transducers to CCLD inputs. All types support IEEE 1451.4 and contain a unique identification code (ID) and a transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS).