Generator Front Panels For 200V Microphones

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The UA-2102 front panels mixes up to 4 circular 7-pin connectors and 2 BNC connectors. These front panels allow input and conditioning for direct voltage, generator output, CCLD accelerometer, CCLD microphone, CCLD tacho probe (using AO-0091 adaptor cable), charge accelerometer (using in-line charge adaptor –Type 2647 and AO-0091), DC responding accelerometers and microphone preamplifiers.


  • 200V microphones
  • General purpose sound and vibration measurements
  • Direct Voltage
  • Generator Output
  • CCLD Accelerometer
  • Charge Accelerometer (using charge adaptor)
  • Microphone Preamplifier
  • CCLD Microphone
  • CCLD Tacho Probe

Front panels    Compatible LAN-XI modules
UA-2102-022 Type 3160-A-022
UA-2102-042 Type 3050-A-060
Type 3160-A-042