Sound Intensity Front Panel

UA-2104 is a front panel specifically designed for sound intensity measurements on PULSE.

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The UA-2104 Front Panel is intended for Sound intensity measurements on PULSE using the Sound Intensity Probe Type 3599.

Used with an additional connector( BNC) for accessing generator output 2 on LAN-XI type 3160-A-042 or accessing input 6 on LAN-XI type 3050-A-060.


  • Sound intensity measurements using PULSE
  • Selective intensity measurements using third input for reference signal
  • Building acoustics and leak detection, for example, sealing in vehicle using generator output with UA-2104-031

Front panel    Compatible LAN-XI modules
UA-2104-031 Type 3050-A-060*
Type 3160-A-042

*Note: Only compatible with serial number above: SN 3050-101213