Post-Processing Software

Post-processing software for management, viewing, archiving, and reporting of data on PC. This includes Measurement Partner Suite, Qualifier, Evaluator and Protector software designed to structure, simplify and correlate measurements; and provide effortless analysis, sharing of measurement data and reporting.

  • BZ-5503

    Measurement Partner Suite

    Measurement Partner Suite (MPS) is our intuitive sound measurement software for post-processing on your PC. The software include the MPS Field App and MPS Cloud.

  • Type 7830 / Type 7831

    Qualifier - Sound Insulation and Reverberation

    Qualifier Type 7830 provides viewing, documenting and archiving of airborne and impact sound insulation and reverberation measurement. Type 7831 is a simplified version of the Qualifier software providing reverberation time measurements only. 

  • Types 7820 + 7821

    Evaluator / Evaluator Light

    With Evaluator or Evaluator Light, measurement data can be edited and combined in order to calculate the rating level for a noise source, based on sound level meter measurement data. Evaluate and report on environmental noise based on sound level meter data.

  • Type 7825

    Protector - Noise Exposure Software

    Protector is a post-processing software for assessing and simulating noise exposure in work environments based on calculations from sound level meter and noise dosimeter data.