TYPE 4989-A

1/4" Production line test microphone

Pressure-field production line test microphone for cost effective and precise measurements close to sound ports in production testing.

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Microphone Type 4989-A is a 20 kHz 1/4" pressure-field all titanium microphone with a laser-welded diaphragm. The microphone is assembled in clean room to ensure its integrity and the validity of the TEDS data. This results in superior robustness and long-term stability. 

Type 4989-A is designed to ensure minimal variation between individual microphones, maximum resistance to corrosion and minimum sensitivity to magnetic fields, with the microphone capsule and preamplifier housing made of titanium, and it is fitted with a gold-plated brass connector. The microphone is virtually unaffected by temperature, static pressure and humidity changes, making it the ideal microphone for integration in production test systems in locations where temperature and humidity can vary.


  • Measurements close to sound ports of an audio device (near field)
  • Production test systems
  • Measurements where consistency between microphone is crucial
  • Measurements where temperature and humidity can vary
  • Measurements requiring an EMC-compliant product (EN/IEC 61326)
7 mm constant diameter (0.276 ″)
Dyn. range
30 – 140 dB
Freq. range
5 – 20 kHz
Inherent noise
30 dB A
Lower limiting frequency -3dB
1-4 Hz
Pressure Field
Pressure coefficient
-0.0028 dB/kPa
9 mV/Pa
Temperature coefficient
0.013 dB/ºC
Temperature range
-20 – 60 ℃
Input type