TYPE 2647

Charge to CCLD Converter

Charge to CCLD Converters designed to connect charge transducers to CCLD inputs.  

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Types 2647-A, B, C and D are Charge to CCLD Converters intended to connect charge transducers to CCLD inputs.


  • Enables charge transducers to be used on CCLD power supplies. Compatible with ICP®, ISOTRON®, PIEZOTRON®, CCLD, etc.
  • May also be used with any CCLD conditioning amplifier that does not support IEEE 1451.4
  • Fixed sensitivity:- 2647-A, 2647-D, 1 mV/pC- 2647-B, 10 mV/pC– 2647-C, 0.1 mV/pC
  • Supports "Smart Transducer Interface” IEEE 1451.4 containing TEDS

Types 2647-A, B and C support IEEE 1451.4  "A Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators” and contain a unique identification code and TEDS.