The V8900 is a high capacity air-cooled 80 kN shaker that is cost-effective to install, reliable and easy to use, and delivers enhanced testing capability.

LDS V8900 Shaker

The new shaker is in a class of its own, delivering all the benefits of air-cooling in a high-capacity 80 kN shaker. Delivering outstanding performance in terms of force, displacement, high frequency and high overturning moment, you can use the shaker to test a wide range of payloads.

  • Fast installation
    Get up and running easily and quickly
  • Cost-efficient operation
    High force at reduced running costs 
  • Enhanced testing capability
    80 kN force and 3 kNm overturning moment
  • Maximum availability
    Minimal maintenance and high durability

Enhance your testing capability

Outstanding performance in key areas puts the LDS 8900 shaker in a class of its own:

  • 80 kN sine force for cost-effective testing of complex and heavy payloads
  • 3 kNm overturning moment reduces the need for guided head expanders and provides stability for unbalanced payloads
  • 3 kHz frequency for testing smaller payloads
  • 101.6 mm (4 inch) displacement and high velocity combined, enhances shock and random test performance

Find out what the experts have to say:

Cost of ownership

How does air cooling in a high force shaker help manage cost of ownership?

High overturning moment

Understand how a high overturning moment helps simplifying testing large and irregular payloads.

Ensure uptime

Hear our field service expert explain how service parameters built into a shaker system helps ensure uptime.

Inductive centring system

Understand how the inductive centring system helps get more accurate control of a shaker armature’s mid position

Performance, reliability and maintenance

What does it mean that the V8900 shaker is designed for performance, reliability and maintenance?


V8900 shaker brochure

> Find out more in the Shaker brochure

> LDS 8900 Shaker Specifications


This shaker is right for you, if you are looking for:

  • High-end capability without the overhead of a water-cooled shaker
  • High performance, without compromising availability and reliability
  • A versatile and capable mix of force, displacement, high frequency and high overturning moment 


We understand your vibration testing ambitions. 

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