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Structural Dynamics Webinar Series – watch at your leisure

We covered a lot of information in our free series of structural dynamics webinars, guiding and equipping you with ways to optimize the dynamic properties and behaviour of structures. If you missed some or all of them, or just want to refresh your memory, you can now watch them whenever it suits you.

Introduction to Structural Dynamics 

In this webinar, we introduce an overview of techniques, and provide insight into how to optimize the dynamic properties and behavior of structures. We also highlight the most frequently used applications and important trends within structural dynamics and emphasize the benefits of combining testing and simulation.  




ODS Analysis 

Here we explain why ODS analysis is one of the most used applications in structural dynamics. We also introduce the various types of analysis, highlight the differences and similarities between operating deflection shapes and mode shapes, and show the required instrumentation. 




Modal Analysis using Hammer or Shaker Excitation

In this webinar, we explain how the modal parameters that characterize the dynamic properties of a structure can be extracted from impact hammer or shaker measurements. We also provide an overview of different modal parameter identification techniques and explain how to validate the obtained modal parameters. 




Operational Modal Analysis 

With this webinar, we explain the concept behind OMA and when it should be used instead of modal analysis using hammer or shaker excitation. We discuss different modal parameter identification techniques and show how OMA techniques can also be used for Structural Health Monitoring.