NVH Simulation Software

Brüel & Kjær partner with VI-grade to provide a complete range of NVH software and simulation for vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), that covers the entire process from investigation, analysis and troubleshooting. From source-receiver path analysis to NVH sound simulation and design, we deliver world-leading NVH test solutions giving you the ability to test and optimize your vehicle performance effectively.

  • TYPE 8601 Vehicle NVH simulator thumbnail

    TYPE 8601

    Desktop NVH Simulator

    Interactive driving simulation of vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), from desktop PC software to complete installations in actual vehicles.

  • TYPE 7798 Source path analysis software

    TYPE 7798

    Source Path Contribution Software

    Software for understanding source path contribution (transfer path contribution), meaning how sound and vibration arrive at a passenger from analyzing the transfer paths taken from individual vibroacoustic sources.

  • VSound is a sound generation system for vehicles

    TYPE 3115

    VSound - Vehicle Sound Evaluation System

    VSound is a vehicle sound‐generating system for experiencing new  sounds from both a vehicle interior and exterior perspective. Its designed for the purpose of in-vehicle virtual NVH prototype evaluation.

  • Exterior Sound Simulator

    TYPE 8601-T

    Exterior Sound Simulator

    Exterior Sound Simulator is designed to experience the exterior sound of a moving vehicle from the perspective of a pedestrian.

  • TYPE 8601-U Sound simulation for simulators – SimSound

    TYPE 8601-U

    SimSound: Sound Simulation

    Sound simulation software, SimSound, connects with diverse driving simulators, and generates highly authentic and dynamic vehicle sound simulation.

  • TYPE 8601-S Source path analysis playback software – Insight

    TYPE 8601-S


    For replay and interaction with noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) source path analysis data, and data from CAE analyses.

  • Insight+



    Insight+ enables the total experience of NVH data ‐ creating sounds directly from CAE models that NVH engineers can listen to and experience. The CAE model data can be combined with test data to create an immersive, realistic environment.

  • TYPE 8601-X CAE Auditioner

    TYPE 8601-X

    CAE Auditioner

    The CAE Auditioner software converts data and files from common CAE design programs for use in the VI-grade vehicle NVH simulators and Insight simulation products. Once the CAE design data is incorporated into these simulation products, engineers, CAE analysts and non-experts can listen to and feel the NVH consequences of CAE design decisions in the full context of the vehicle.