TYPE 3630-A + TYPE 7792

Noise DOSIMETER Calibration System

Noise Dose Meter Calibration Software Type 7792 for Calibration Platform Type 3630 is an automated tool designed to perform periodical tests of dose meters in conformance with IEC 61252 and ANSI S1.25. 

Demande de devis

The software automatically runs a variety of predefined tests in accordance with selected references. The system comes with predefined procedures and uncertainty calculations for Brüel & Kjær Types 4436, 4442, 4443 and 4448, as well as sound level meters capable of measuring noise exposure doses.

The uncertainty margins are provided to facilitate the accreditation needs of the laboratory (ISO 17025) and calibration reports are generated automatically to minimize the risk of human errors.

Users can add other types of dose meters and associate these with the range of parameters.