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Motorcycle exhaust noise measurements

Effective and reliable motorcycle exhaust noise measurementsType 2245 sound level meter from Brüel & Kjær makes measurements significantly easier.

Not only is excessive noise a nuisance, but also, in the long term, an increased noise level poses a serious threat to individual health. Residents near popular motorcycle routes, for example in the German Eifel or Black Forest, are particularly exposed to this risk. Many motorcycles often exceed the legal limits due to the bikers’ driving style and manipulations or modifications of the exhaust systems. However, regular police checks are conducted to stop rampant noise pollution. To achieve this, particularly acoustically obvious motorcycles are intercepted, and exhaust noise measurements are obtained directly by the roadside. Modern noise measurement technology is employed, for example, the new Type 2245 sound level meter with IP 55 protection from Brüel & Kjær, which guarantees simple, reliable, and precise measurements even for inexperienced users.

Motorcycle exhaust noise measurements are specifically regulated by law. The correct setup of a measuring station is therefore important. If conventional test technology is used in a check, two experienced officials are usually required. Only then can the results be sufficiently precise and reliable to be able to stand up in court in case of doubt. 

Demand for reliable measurements with less time and personnel required

Given the shortage of personnel and the quest for greater efficiency, new measuring systems are in demand, which enable legally sound measurements with less time and personnel costs. The key is robust technology combined with simple operation, reduced to the essentials, which eliminates measuring errors and guarantees the highest reliability and accuracy.

Brüel & Kjær now make noise measurements much easier

The new Type 2245 sound level meter from Brüel & Kjær is an all-in-one solution for exhaust noise measurements. It impresses with its simple, intuitive operation and well-conceived product parameters. It can be used as a reliable stand-alone sound level meter or optionally extended with a smartphone remote control. 

B&K Type 2245 sound level meter combines ease of use and precision 

A simple sound level meter, which provides reliable and accurate results at the first attempt, is sufficient to measure motorcycle exhaust noise. The small and compact B&K 2245 was designed for precisely these scenarios. The robust and easily calibrated Class 1 sound level meter combines functionality, ease of use and flexibility with the assurance typical of Brüel & Kjær.

The B&K Type 2245 sound level meter is uniquely convenient, clear and intuitive-to-use due to its smart reduction to essential functions and relevant parameters. For example, an indicator light ring on the measuring device indicates the current measurement status. Green indicates a running measurement. Operating errors are almost eliminated.  The measurement results are displayed in large and easy-to-read digits on the device’s brilliant and high-contrast display.
Its simple and safe operation combined with the extremely high precision of the legal-for-trade Class 1 sound level meter, its automatic windscreen detection, and the automatic calibration-tone detection allow an increased number of valid measurements in less time—with only one operator required. 

The B&K 2245 can optionally be controlled via a special smartphone app, which guarantees safe and easy motorcycle noise measurements by only one person. The app allows an official to start the measurement on the smartphone with the sound level meter being located at the standard distance of 0.5 m from the exhaust and to turn the motorcycle's throttle up to the speed prescribed for valid measurement. The measurement results are then displayed on both the sound level meter's crystal-clear display and the smartphone. 

App users can also capture photos, videos, and notes and link them to the measurements. This information can then be viewed in the Noise Partner software, and the measured values can be exported to Excel if required.

B&K 2245 is the first choice for precise, reliable, and efficient measurements

With the new Type 2245 sound level meter, Brüel & Kjær sets a new standard for efficient noise measurement. The intuitive user guidance reduced to the essential functions and the device's technical features, such as automatic windscreen detection and automatic calibration-tone detection, guarantee that even untrained users obtain safe and precise measurements after a short instruction. The B&K 2245 can also be operated safely by only one person. This ensures a completely new level of efficiency, control, and precision. This means that more valid exhaust noise measurements can be made in a shorter period with significantly less time and personnel required.  Accurate sound level measurement, analysis, and documentation have never been easier.