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Noise protection measurably simplified

Noise measurement is easier than ever using the Type 2245 sound level meter from Brüel & Kjær.

Noise is annoying, causes stress, and harms individual health in the long term. Therefore, moments of silence and sufficient rest periods are all the more important, especially in one's own home. However, even in this protected environment, noise pollution occurs again and again – for example, through neighbours, construction works or in the context of events. If a complaint has been reported, code enforcement officers take action and perform noise measurements on site to determine the actual level of harassment and the deviation from permissible limits. Modern noise measurement technology is used – for example, the new Type 2245 sound level meter with IP 55 protection from Brüel & Kjær, which guarantees simple, reliable, and accurate measurements even for less experienced users.

Correct noise emission measurements often take a long time. Furthermore, employing conventional testing technology usually requires experienced users to ensure that the measurement results are sufficiently precise and reliable to be able to stand up in court in case of doubt. 
For this reason, measuring systems combining maximum efficiency with maximum ease of use are in demand today because they help to reliably determine noise emissions with manageable time and personnel costs. This is guaranteed by robust technology combined with an intuitive operation reduced to essential functions, which helps to avoid measuring errors.

Noise measurement at its peak

With the Type 2245 sound level meter, Brüel & Kjær presents a solution for reliable noise measurements. The new sound level meter impresses with its operating concept, which puts safe application at the centre of attention at all times, and provides well-conceived details. The B&K 2245 is also very flexible: It can be used as a reliable stand-alone sound level meter or optionally extended with PC software and a smartphone app. 

Guaranteed precision with every measurement

A simple sound level meter that provides precise results for every user is also sufficient to reliably detect noise disturbances, for example, in a residential environment or in the context of events. The Type 2245 from Brüel & Kjær perfectly meets these requirements. The easy-to-calibrate Class 1 sound level meter is compact and combines flexibility, functionality, and ease of use. Another plus point is its reliability typical of Brüel & Kjær products.

Reduced to essential parameters and important functions, the B&K Type 2245 sound level meter is incomparably convenient, well-arranged, and intuitive to operate. An example of this is the practical indicator light ring of the sound level meter, clearly showing the user the current measurement status – for example, when a measurement is running, it lights up green. Errors in operation can thus be reduced to a minimum.  Reading errors are also almost impossible, as the results of measurements are clearly visible on the device's brilliant and high-contrast display. 

A separate smartphone app is also available for the B&K 2245. It makes measurements safe and easy when the sound level meter and the person who performs the measurement are in different locations. This is useful, for example, for measurements carried out at intervals over a longer period. 

In this case, for example, the user may be in a car while the sound level meter remains at the measuring position. When using the app, the results of the measurements are displayed on both the sound level meter’s crystal-clear display and the smartphone. Optionally, the microphone signal from the remote B&K 2245 can be streamed via Wi-Fi to a headset connected to the smartphone. Simply inspired! 
Moreover, the app allows code enforcement officers to take photos and videos of the measurement environment, take notes, and link them to measurements. This information can then be viewed in the Noise Partner software and the measured values can be exported to Excel if required.

In short: due to its automatic windscreen detection, automatic calibration tone-detection, ease of operation, and exemplary precision, the legal-for-trade Class 1 sound level meter allows more valid measurements in less time.

Precise, reliable, and efficient measurements have a new name: B&K 2245 

Accurate sound level measurement, analysis, and documentation have never been easier: with the new Type 2245 sound level meter, Brüel & Kjær is setting a new standard for efficient and precise noise measurement. The intuitive user guidance, reduced to the essential functions and the device's technical features, such as automatic windscreen detection as well as automatic calibration-tone detection, guarantee that even untrained users obtain safe and precise measurement results after a short instruction. This ensures a completely new level of efficiency, control, and precision. This means that more valid noise measurements can be performed in a shorter period with significantly less time and personnel required—for a quieter and more convenient life and, thus, a more peaceful neighbourhood.