TYPE 4101-B

Binaural Microphone

Binaural Microphone Type 4101-B is designed for binaural in-ear sound recording, when testing on a human subject is preferred. The binaural microphones are lightweight and do not affect normal hearing capabilities or influence test results.

Demande de devis

Type 4101-B provides sound recording at the entrance to the human ear canal. The measurements provide benchmarking for NVH and provide accurate testing of smart devices and headphones. 


  • Sound recording where a vehicle’s driver wears the Binaural Microphone
  • Binaural microphone recordings where the influence of the test person's head and torso is important
  • Sound recording of a helmeted person, for example, a motorcycle driver
  • Psychoacoustic experiments requiring binaural sound recordings on human subjects
  • Binaural recordings where the use of a traditional Head and Torso Simulator (HATS), for example, Sound Quality Head and Torso Simulator Type 4100, is impossible
  • Evaluation of headphones and earmuffs on a human subject’s head/ears
  • Benchmarking vehicles for reference or processing into simple PULSE™ NVH Vehicle Simulator models
  • Capturing vehicle behavior during on-road evaluation or while using DTS On-Road Simulator
  • Cabin noise measurements