TYPE 4930

Artificial mastoid

Designed for the calibration of bone-conduction hearing aids by simulating the mechanical impedance of human mastoid


Artificial Mastoid Type 4930 has been designed for the calibration of bone-conduction hearing aids. It consists of a mechanical simulation of the human head, incorporating a built-in force transducer to monitor the output of the device to be calibrated.


  • Objective measurement of hearing aid and audiometer bone vibrator parameters
  • Frequency response and output determination of bone vibrators
  • Design and production testing and calibration of vibrators

Type 4930 fulfils the International Electrotechnical Commission publication IEC 60373 (1990) and meets the requirements of the British Standard BS 4009 (1991) and American National Standard ANSI S3.13-1987 and ANSI S3.26-1981.