Digital audio interface software

Software for connecting audio devices such as headphones, speakers or microphones to a PC via a high-quality sound card that handles analogue input and output


This PULSE software interface enables you to set up and test audio devices on a PC via a high-quality sound card. It does this by working together with our USB Audio Interface hardware. You simply plug the device under test (DUT) into the hardware box, which connects to your PC via a USB connection. In this way, it allows analogue input into PULSE software, and transforms the digital output your PC into analogue signals.


  • Audio engineers researching, measuring and documenting acoustical designs during development and pre-qualification
  • Benchmarking the acoustical performance of electroacoustic devices such as loudspeakers and headphones 
  • Evaluating acoustical accuracy of headsets, microphones, and loudspeakers
  • Sample testing of electroacoustic transducers during production, such as tolerance checking of loudspeaker drivers, for quality assurance


A dedicated calibration procedure allows accurate compensation for the gain (or attenuation) presented by the high-quality sound card. Calibration uses a built-in generator to output a sinusoidal signal. During testing, the two level meters provide ‘analogue’ displays of the input and output, with small digital readouts in dBm.


  •  Analogue input and output using a high-quality sound card USB Audio Interface ZE-0948
  • Monitors digital input and output level
  • Calibration of input and output paths


This software requires that you use Brüel & Kjær’s ZE-0948 USB Audio Interface.