TYPE 3629 WITH TYPE 5308

Secondary Calibration System

An automatic secondary calibration system providing traceable calibration of transducers using comparison to a reference transducer according to ISO 16063-21.


Vibration Transducer Calibration System Type 3629 with Vibration Transducer Calibration Software Type 5308 is an easy-to-use, automatic calibration system that provides traceable calibration of a wide range of transducers using comparison to a reference transducer according to ISO 16063-21.

The hardware for the basic system consists of a PULSE™ LAN-XI front-end, which provides the necessary inputs and generator output, suitable conditioners, a power amplifier and an exciter. Vibration Transducer Calibration Software Type 5308 runs on the PC with no external processing. The operating system used can be Microsoft® Windows® XP, 7, 8 or 10 in 32- and 64-bit versions providing familiar user interfaces. ISO 17025 compatible certificates can be printed. A Microsoft® Access database is used for the storage and organization of data. Microsoft® Word is used for the generation of certificates, making modifications easy and permitting printing on most printers.


  • 10,000 g Shock Transducer Calibration Software Type 5310


  • Fast and accurate magnitude and phase calibration of vibration transducers
  • Traceable comparison calibration according to ISO 16063 – 21
  • Generation of complete customised certificates in Microsoft® Word according to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Supervision of measuring instrumentation according to ISO 9001
  • Quality assurance of sensors in manufacturing or use


  • Turnkey system with great flexibility
  • Automated calibration provides ease of use yet fault-proof high accuracy results
  • Frequency range 0.1 Hz to 50 kHz, depending on shaker and reference transducer
  • Choice of 1600 lines of random excitation or user-defined sine excitation
  • Flexible tolerance fields for pass-fail use
  • Triaxial measurements in one procedure and one certificate
  • Extensible to shock calibration and transverse sensitivity test