Power amplifiers

Available with outputs ranging from 88 to 128 kVA*, these switch-mode power amplifiers are used to drive the best in class V8900 electrodynamic shakers with force rating 80 kN.


These new amplifiers have been designed to power the LDS®  V8900 air-cooled shaker, with a touch screen and easy to use interface.


They have a Class-D rating, and thanks to the unique embedded power saving feature which manages the energy usage, only the required amount of power will be used to run the test, balancing performance and providing feedback on key system parameters.


LDS® XPA-K amplifiers are modular and scalable, allowing you to easily and economically increase a systems power capacity to meet future needs without having to replace the entire unit. This modular approach also ensures power continues to be delivered to the shaker system even if a module fails, allowing operation at lower force until the module is replaced.


  • Driving LDS® air cooled force shaker: V8900


  • Power output range from 88 to 128* kVA
  • 93% energy-efficient
  • Full-power frequency range
  • Low distortion, wide bandwidth (20Hz to 3kHz @ -3dB), and signal-to-noise ratio better than -68dB
  • Peak current rating of 3-sigma to ISO standards
  • COOL option energy efficient testing through fan speed and field power adjustment coupled with continuous thermal monitoring.
  • Optional remote-control function to allow users to access to the vibration test system at the click of a button on their own device.
  • Available with a Remote Control for ease of access and efficient workflow

*128 kVA during shock test