Analisi delle deformate operative

Operating deflection shapes (ODS) analysis

Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) analysis is a very versatile application for determining the vibration patterns of machinery and structures under various operating conditions.

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The vibration patterns are shown as animated geometric models of the structure that display a combination of the forcing function acting on the structure and the dynamic properties of the structure.

The forcing function depends on the operating conditions, which for machinery, can be influenced by factors such as engine speed, load, pressure, temperature and flow. For civil engineering structures, ambient forces from wind, waves and traffic might also apply.

Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) analysis can be divided into three types – time ODS, spectral ODS and run-up/down ODS.

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Operating deflection shapes analysis system overview

Brüel & Kjær’s scalable ODS systems provide complete guidance through the set-up, measurement and animation for each ODS type.

Our systems cover the entire measurement and analysis chain including accelerometers, tacho probes, LAN-XI data acquisition hardware and BK Connect® software.

Webinar: Operating Deflection Shapes Analysis - Determination of Vibration Patterns Under Operating Conditions

The webinar in the video below will:

  • Introduce the idea of ODS analysis;
  • Describe the different types of ODS analysis: Time ODS, Spectral ODS and Non-stationary ODS analysis;
  • Explain how operating deflection shapes and mode shapes are related;
  • Describe instrumentation used for ODS analysis.

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Product Manager - Structural Dynamics Solutions

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