Good under pressure

01 Oct 2020

To help engineers and acousticians achieve accurate measurements in everyday applications, Brüel & Kjær has created Type 4971-H-041 – a robust and reliable ½-inch CCLD pressure-field microphone.

This new version is a combination of a ½-inch prepolarized pressure-field microphone cartridge (Type 4971) and a high temperature ½-inch Constant Current Line Drive (CCLD) preamplifier, which connects to CCLD input conditioning, thus ensuring all measurements can be conducted using a general data acquisition system.

Type 4971-H-041 is optimized for use in pressure-field applications, such as with couplers measuring close to audio device sound ports or flush-mounting.

It’s also suitable for random incidence measurements and free-field measurements with 90°C incidence. This makes it ideal for measuring moving objects like trains or planes, as  even though the object is moving  the frequency characteristics remain the same.

The microphone’s wide frequency range (5 Hz to 20 kHz, ±2 dB), broad dynamic range (20 dB(A) to 146 dB) and immunity to harsh, unpredictable environments also makes it suitable for component testing within the telecom, audio, automotive and aerospace industries.

More information: Microphone Type 4971-H-041

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